Everybody in the world knows that the best studies one can get are in the Great Britain. England provides the highest standard of studies from the European countries and the whole world. Their system that has been tested throughout the years, has proven to form the best specialists in any field. The Oxford University prepares the best students of law and economics while the Cambridge University prepares the very best students in exact sciences. There are other great universities that specialize in different fields. To view the best universities in the UK it’s enough to visit an expert site in the field.


There are hundreds of higher education institutions throughout the Great Britain but with such a high competition it is a chore which university to chose for yourself or your child. Each and every university charges big sums of money for the education of foreigners so it is best to make some research before investing in an unknown university. The UK being the best in the field of education, does not necessarily mean that absolutely all the universities should be good. There are some weak ones as well. The problem is that the weak and the strong universities charge about the same sum of money for their service.


Education Directory is a premium website that doesn’t charge anything for using it. It was built by influential non profit organizations interested in delivering truthful information on the standing on the top universities in the field. By carefully studying all the sections of the website – you’ll be able to form a good impression on where to invest the tuition money as to get the best possible education in the European Union. The site has got more than six hundred articles that will coach you on the principles of education hunting and the ups and downs of education in Great Britain.

Is Distance Learning Worth It?

If you want to have a successful career or just interact with other cultures there is a necessity to study foreign languages. It is very important to know at least one top foreign language (as a rule English). You can’t establish connections between continents, countries without using a popular language that each one speaks. Knowing English language or even more languages will help you build powerful international relations and will play an important part in your CV. As you know, your CV is your business card.

There are a lot of courses out there. You can find them at the local institutions or on the internet. They will help you study the language you prefer. We advise you to study English language. This language is preferred when establishing business connections between foreign partners. In our days English has become the most popular business language. Those who want to have success can’t have it without dealing with English.

Because of the outgrown necessity to learn English a lot of online English courses that vary in cost, quality and speed of studying appeared. Nowadays it is easy to find the right online English course for you, but not everyone is ok with distance education. That is why most people still prefer studying English at the local institutions. They also provide you with live online support where you can receive answers to your questions.

Distance learning might be easier for you to manage your time if you are studying or working somewhere. Actually you choose the time to attend the courses. It is the best advantage that I found so far about dealing with distance education. You don’t have to stress no more if you can’t be on time at the local institution where you attend English classes, but it is up to you to decide what fits you most. Some may fear that they will pay too much money and receive no knowledge while others may fear to socialize with English teachers face-to-face.

If you prefer distance learning, you better read positive and negative (if it exists!) feedback first of all. Check for the testimonials section if there is one on their official website and then decide whether you want to apply for their English online courses or not.